Saturday, November 16, 2013

Catchup And Liquor

I know, I know, I've been gone for a LONG time. . 
I won't even try make any promises to be more consistent. Consistency is apparently not apart of my nature.  But that doesn't mean that I haven't been writing posts!  
Here's one I wrote on OCT 20, 2013 :

So I've learned an important lesson. One that my 2013 New Year's Resolution has tought me. Never underestimate the value of your stash. Most of my stash is sock yarn. I am SOOOO bored making socks. I know. . There are thousands and thousands of sock patterns out there. Earlier this year I decided I wanted to make something big. Something not out of sock yarn. I did accomplish a few shawls out of my very small worsted to bulky weight stash. However, I'm now down to sock yarn and one or two hanks of random "other" yarn. Not a whole lot to work with.  But I'm trying to make due.  

Next year's resolution is going to be project based.  I have several projects in my queue on Ravelry that have been there for YEARS.  So I'm going to make a list of things I'd like to make and try my darnedest to finish the projects on the list.  I will allow myself to stray and make something off the list, but the projects that make the cut are top priority.

 The first project of 2014 is the Evenstar shawl by Sunflower Designs. Lace weight yarn and size 3US needles. I will get to make something big, but not out of big yarn. Oh my, this might take a VERY long time.  I'll give myself until Thanksgiving 2014 to complete it.  

In other New Year's Resolution news: The non-purchaseing resolution has been tested a lot during the past month. My job has become very very stressful. They've compinsated me by giving me a small raise. So I'm stressed AND I have extra cash I didn't expect. So I got myself a gift. 

I promise I didn't break my new year's resolution, I just bent the rules a bit, right?  
Both cones are mystery lace weight. The pink is cotton and the lavender is wool.  I got them because I wanted to 1) work with lace before I started on the Evenstar shawl and 2) wanted to make a Christmas present for my (insert family member here). Secrets will not be reviled here, but hopefully by Christmas 2014 I'll have a nice (knitted thing) for my (family member).  Yes, Christmas 2014, It's lace and I'm not a very fast knitter, that's why I'm not shooting for this Christmas.

The biggest temptation has been the recent news that my LYS will be closing in min-december. I will have to drive to the next town over in order to touch, sniff, and buy yarn. Of course I will still have the internet, but going to a yarn store is an experience all in it's self. The owner is closing her doors because she wants to focus on her pattern writing. I am excited for her that she is getting do do more of what she wants to do. Because isn't that what we all want anyway?  
Wildflower's yarn and knitwear, you will be greatly missed.