Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kitty needs a home: Sep 23, 2013

I used to have a problem with feral cats. I say problem because caring for them became to emotionally heart breaking. I fed them and befriended many of them. This resulted in finding homes for their kittens. One kitten had an injured leg, the human society found a vet who would removed the leg at a discounted price so that the kitten wouldn't have to be put down. I also know that the vet that performed the operation eventually adopted the kitten. But caring for them was also very hard. Most of the cats passed away, disease, malnourishment, and getting hit by a car. The last straw was the day after a major storm. The storm brought with it lots of wind, rain, and a tornado that went through parts of town. Though my house was fine, my yard had become a mud puddle. The morning after the storm, I dug a kitten out of the mud. He seemed fine, just dirty. But within days it's mother had abandoned it.  I called local shelters, trying to find one that wouldn't just put the kitten down.  Before I heard back from anyone, the kitten had died.  I regret not taking it to a shelter or to KSU vet school even if they were just going to put it down.  I assuming that it had internal bleeding which lead to it's passing.  That's when I stopped putting out food.

Fast forward to early September 2013; a white and brown spotted female started hanging out near my porch. She was friendly and affectionate but malnourished with some kind of eye infection. Up until now I could resist, but for some reason, with this cat I couldn't help myself. I had to feed her and give her clean water. Since then she has gained weight and looks much healthier. Her eyes still have some problems but are not as nasty as they were. I've decided that she needs a home before she gets pregnant. Now, I can't afford another cat as a pet, I also can't afford to take a feral cat to the vet. So I'm asking for your help.  
I have a friend who can't take the cat in but is willing to help with vet bills. So I'm posting these pictures, hoping this cat will find it's forever home.  If you personally can't take the cat, please pass this on so others can see it.

UPDATE: Nov 16, 2013
A cat sanctuary might be able to take her in but will not be able to house her IF she tests positive for feline leukemia.  IF she does, no shelter can take her.  My husband and I have talked it over and decided that we can't expose are current cat to this cat if she is sick, even temporarily.  Being in contact with the sanctuary has given me hope, so I decided to name her Hope.  Hope needs a temporary home until she's all clear to live in a shelter or move into a forever home.  Please share this!