Saturday, April 20, 2013

WIPs, among other things

David Sedaris.
I went into town, got the oil changed, got a few items needed for the trip to his show, when my mother-in-law called and said the show was canceled. Very sad. So I had the whole day with no plans. So I worked on this:

It's a surprise. And Yes, it's crochet not knitting. 
I did promise pictures of some WIPs I had going. . 
Knitting Mojo Dishcloth
Day Break by Stephen West


It's been almost a week since my last run. Finally the weather warmed up a bit, so today I went running. I'm learning to love how the elements can effect how hard a run is.  It was warmer but I live in Kansas, just so happened to be a windy day.  I did push myself a bit, but not in a way that made the run harder. I focused on moving my legs, gaining distance, instead of "shuffle-jogging". I did improve distance, .08 of a mile further then the previous run, and I don't feel like the run was any harder then the previous one. Good feelings. . I knew that working out and getting into shape would have benefits but I never thought that .08 of a mile would make me feel so good.
And on the topic of running: My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was affected by the Boston Marathon bombing. All of the runners, family members, volunteers, and spectators. I did know people who where there and Thank God that they are all alright.
Since I have started running, this is the first year that I've even paid attention to when the major races were starting. . The first year that I've enlisted time into understanding the different marathons, the work that goes into qualifying for one, and, above all, how the Boston marathon is different from the rest. For all of those people who were running their first marathon on that day; Chin up, don't look down, keep at it. Don't let something like this keep you from running.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

1000+ Pageviews, something must be going on in Russia

Good Day All

So I haven't blogged since late January, but my blog has had a LOT of visitors, mostly from Russia. . Cool!  Hi Russian Knitters!  I've never been to Russia but my Husband has and wants to take me there someday.  Looking forward to it!

So what have you all been up to!?!?!?!  It's been to long!  I have reached my 90 day mark of yarn sobriety.  The last time I bought yarn was in December!  Feels kind of weird, not shopping for yarn.  I did win some yarn from my LYS Wildflower Knits.  And I was gifted some yarn.  BUT I have not bought any yarn.  Phew. . .   But really, not even shopping for yarn kinda makes me feel. . .  like not knitting.  Ugh, I got that out.  I'm just uninspired.  Today was actually the first day in the past four weeks that I've knit.  I started a dishcloth, just to get the juices flowing, and now I've pulled out the project I was working on before my little unintentional knitting break.  Daybreak by Stephen West, one of my favorite designers.  Mine is mostly a cream color with the stripes being a jeweled tone variegated yarn.  LOVE IT.  I don't have my camera with me right now otherwise I'd be posting some WIP pictures for ya.  Don't worry, I have some time in the next couple of days to post some pictures. . get myself caught up on my blogging. 

So what have I been doing instead of knitting?  Reading.  Lost of reading.  I went thought the Harry Potter books and The Song of Fire and Ice books already this year.  After reading those I wanted something simple, non-thought provoking, and just plain entertainment kind of story.  Well, knowing my BFF's would make me watch Breaking Dawn 2, I re-read the Twilight Saga.  If all you want is some entertainment. . .  Twilight has it.  But if you start to think to much into the story, well. . . lets not go there.  After Twilight, The Hunger Games started to call me. . So I re-read those too.  Since I'm on a reading binge, what to read next?  Well, I'm going to meet David Sedaris (yeah, MEET him) on April 19th so I'm reading Naked right now.  But another Stephanie Meyer book is up next, The Host.  I've listened to it on BOCD and loved it.  But I've never actually read it.  OOOH, if you haven't listened to any of Sedaris' books on CD, then I suggest you do so.  He reads them, does voices for various parts, and overall makes for great road trip listening.  

Other then reading and not knitting, I have been working out.  My husband and I have tried the "couch to 5k" thing in the past but all we had to time ourselves was a kitchen timer.   Try running with that, I dare you.  He downloaded the app (now that he's a member of the cool phone club) and that has made a huge difference.  He's being a total sweetheart about it too, running along next me.  With my short legs and even shorter endurance level I'm surprised he hasn't given up on me yet.  He says it's like running in place, he's much taller then me.  But he keeps at it, and every run is easier then the last.   The first one, I thought I was going to choke to death.  I couldn't get enough air no matter how deep I tried to breath.  The next day the muscles around my rib cage were sore, really sore.  But I haven't had that experience since.  The last run, (yesterday) I started to experience pain on the inside of my left calf, but it didn't feel like sore muscle.  Shin Splint.  ugg.  It started shortly after we started jogging, slowed me down quite a bit but I told my husband to keep me going.  I didn't want to turn around and go home.  I figure, some workout is better then giving up, even if I do run slower and walk more then I want to.  So we're taking today off.  I'm headed to Target to check out the work out clothes.  I'm a bit self-conscious of my "back side" so I wear a t-shirt that's long enough to cover things. . but now I'm tired of working out in a circus tint.  So we'll see what I find.  

Hope everyone is doing well and look forward to some pictures on my next entry!