Friday, April 6, 2012

Rock Chalk Shamrock

So I'm a bit behind, again.  So here is a post I wrote a while back;

On St. Patrick’s Day I’m allowed to break the work dress code and wear a green shirt.  Every year I wear a green shirt advertising that I’m a K-State fan.  I am not a K-State fan.  But since I live in Manhattan KS, home of the Kansas Wildcats, I don’t have many options when it comes to shopping for a good green t-shirt that isn't affiliated with KSU.  This year will be different.  This year my shirt will say “Rock Chalk Shamrock” with a big Jayhawk on it.  Yes, I am a KU fan.  Yes, I will be made fun of, people will look at me funny, tell me I live in the wrong city (um, hello, don’t you think I already know that?) but I will be happy. 
One of the ladies I work with was planning a trip to Lawrence Ks, to go shopping.  She wanted to know what size of shirt I wore so she could pick something up for me.  It worked out that the day she was going, I wasn't scheduled to work so we went together.   
First thing we did once we got to Lawrence was food.  Aladin's cafe is amazing.  Great hummus, amazing falafal, geens, and rice.  Baklava for dessert.  I left feeling like I'd gained 25 pounds.  P.S. they are also a Hookah bar.  We didn't try that part out though.
Then the t-shirt hunt begun.  On Mass street we went into a t-shirt shop where I found it.  My shamrock shirt.  Super happy and excited, I paid for my shirt.  We then decided to head across the street to the Yarn Barn.  I'd never been in The Barn just their website;   I spent way to much time in there, thankfully my coworker was just excited to see me so excited (she's a non-knitter but that my soon change).  
So now I have a shirt to wear on St. Patrick’s Day, a new small project bag to hold my wip socks (work in progress socks) and some really awesome hand painted blue fingering weight yarn from Mountain Colors.  I have no idea what I'll make with it but that's never been a problem!