Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sock Progress July/August.

So this last month, July, was not a good month to start or finish any knitting projects. I tried and tried to get a good go at July socks but it just didn't happen. The yarn was to ugly and the pattern I chose just wasn't working out the way I had hoped. So, July came and went with out any socks. By July 25th I'd already started swatching August's socks. And as of today I'm one sock down with one sock to go.

 I've also started working on September's socks, but that isn't going to well either. I've swatched a few times, trying to convert a top down into a toe up, again. Maybe that's my problem, I just need to learn to deal with top down socks. 

Another let down was the end paper mitts. Here's my swatch:

Isn't it pretty?! I was so excited until I measured my stitches per inch. Nowhere near what I needed. Decided not to go up in needles size (again), I might be new to color work but I do have some amazing experienced friends. I am to understand that the larger the needles you use, the more the fabric will stretch, the more it stretches the more you can see the color of the yarn runs in the back side. So no Endpaper Mitts for me, not now anyway. I did find a pattern that I did make gauge for, so hopefully before it gets cold out I'll have some nice mittens to wear.

You can find the pattern here: Vespergyle Mittens

Catching up with previous posts: you know how I said I was not going to buy any more books? At least not physical books that take up shelf space, require dusting, and attract paper eating bugs? I broke that rule pretty quick.

Maybe someday I'll just live in a bookstore/yarn store/coffee shop.  That would solve a lot of problems.

P.s. On a de-junking note I recently parted with two large boxes of Magazines