Friday, August 24, 2012

What life brings. . .

A few weeks back my husband announced that one of his previous girlfriends had found him on Facebook and wanted to be friends. He hadn't had a real conversation with her in about 10 years. Now, I know how most wives would have responded. "OH HELL NO!" I couldn't be that way. Dear husband has every right to talk to and befriend who ever he wants. I'm not the kind of person who is willing to control someone like that. I completely trust my husband and if that makes me foolish then I guess I'm am. I'd rather be foolish then feel suspicious of him or her.
I will admit that I did feel a little weird at first. It was mostly feelings of protection. When I became friends my Dear Husband, his relationship with her was still fresh on his mind. He wasn't over her, and as a friend, I tried to be there for him. Eventually he got over her and we fell in love. His feelings towards her haven't been a problem for him since. So when he told me that they were catching up I kind of panicked. Dear Husband!? She broke your heart and made you really sad, why would you want to talk to her? But as I thought about it, he is the best ex-boyfriend to have. He knew that he was blaming her for how upset he was over everything in his life. Spilled milk, blame your ex, fail a final, blame your ex. . . Once he got over her he wrote her a letter apologizing for all the crappy things he did to her after they broke up. I've NEVER had an ex do that- yet. So she's lucky to have dated a guy who could own up to being a jerk and understand that his immaturity got in the way of them being friends afterwords. And I'm lucky, he's a really great guy that makes me happy. Plus, I got to grow with him as we both emotionally matured, learning from each other.
She lives across the state with her family but this past weekend she drove up to our little town to meet us and hear Dear Husband play live jazz. After meeting her I can no longer call her my husbands ex, she's more then that to me. But for privacy reasons I won't say her real name on here, so I'll just call her Lilly. Lilly and I have a lot in common and that feels good. We have lots to talk about!  Sadly, she's not a knitter, her mom spun and dyed wool, so she's been around it. I believe that she has a great appreciation for hand-made things. I feel that if I knitted her something she'd take really good care of it. And on the off chance that I can't convince her to learn to knit (even with my awesome evangelic knitting powers), we'd still be good friends.