Saturday, April 20, 2013

WIPs, among other things

David Sedaris.
I went into town, got the oil changed, got a few items needed for the trip to his show, when my mother-in-law called and said the show was canceled. Very sad. So I had the whole day with no plans. So I worked on this:

It's a surprise. And Yes, it's crochet not knitting. 
I did promise pictures of some WIPs I had going. . 
Knitting Mojo Dishcloth
Day Break by Stephen West


It's been almost a week since my last run. Finally the weather warmed up a bit, so today I went running. I'm learning to love how the elements can effect how hard a run is.  It was warmer but I live in Kansas, just so happened to be a windy day.  I did push myself a bit, but not in a way that made the run harder. I focused on moving my legs, gaining distance, instead of "shuffle-jogging". I did improve distance, .08 of a mile further then the previous run, and I don't feel like the run was any harder then the previous one. Good feelings. . I knew that working out and getting into shape would have benefits but I never thought that .08 of a mile would make me feel so good.
And on the topic of running: My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was affected by the Boston Marathon bombing. All of the runners, family members, volunteers, and spectators. I did know people who where there and Thank God that they are all alright.
Since I have started running, this is the first year that I've even paid attention to when the major races were starting. . The first year that I've enlisted time into understanding the different marathons, the work that goes into qualifying for one, and, above all, how the Boston marathon is different from the rest. For all of those people who were running their first marathon on that day; Chin up, don't look down, keep at it. Don't let something like this keep you from running.