Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Next Trick

So "My Next Trick" was going to be another attempt at Stephen West's Pogona except with a twist.  I wanted it striped.  However, if you look at the photo close enough you will see some pretty scary laddering on one side.  I knit a few inches testing techniques to fix the laddering problem with the intent to start over once I found a solution.  But I never came across one.  I did decide that these two colors need to go together in a future project, just no Pogona.

So I made this instead: 
Another Stephen West, Boneyard Shawl.  I've made this one before using DK wt yarn, this go around I used light sock wt.  This yarn was bought in Hutchinson KS for a local artist.  I had over 600 yards so I just knit until I was close to running out.  Hopefully I'll get some finished and blocked photos on here for ya!  Speaking of something finished (has yet to be blocked), I did finish the Daybreak and I LOVE it!!

So what have you been knitting?