Monday, June 3, 2013

21 hours in St. Louis

This past weekend my Sister-in-law got married.  It was the coolest and weirdest wedding I've ever been to.  
The wedding was held in the circus ring at City Museum.  City Museum is part museum, indoor carnival, and huge climbing gym.  

Like I said, the wedding took place in a circus ring.  Both bride and groom are performers, various types of entertainment. But no matter what, it seems that juggling tricks are always involved.  So instead of exchanging rings, they exchanged clubs.  I didn't have a picture of this, wish I did, because it was pretty awesome!


St. Louis is about 6 hours from my home, so the ride to and from made for some good knitting time.  
I'm almost ready to start the border of my Daybreak Shawl!!
For my next trick: What do you think of these two colors??