Friday, June 22, 2012

This past week in photos

Photos from this past week:
1. I cashed in an Amazon gift card to buy a computer game.  With the left over money, I got some knitting books. I did hesitate for a second, What if I saved the leftovers to buy Christmas gifts?  But it was only for a second.
The Cast on Bind off Book will come in handy, specially if I want to create knitted items that look more professional.  The Knitter's Life List isn't really a knitting book.  It's more of a self help book for knitters, helps you create the ultimate "knitting bucket list".  It also has a lot of info on types of yarn, designers and/or people knitters should know about, places to visit, history of patterns and techniques, . . . . .  Pretty cool book for when you're not in the mood to knit.

2. I also let loose my inner crazy coupon lady.  The items pictured above were all FREE b/c I used coupons.  I know, I rock.  I also took a picture of my receipt, I saved 38% of my total order, again, I rock.
3. Then I got the game in the mail.  I feel like it's Christmas.  I LOVE the Diablo games.  So I got the game plus a strategy guide.
There is a catch with the gaming.  Some may find this silly, but this will keep me from sitting around playing all day (and all night).  My husband is a gamer and so we decided together that we had to "buy" our gaming time.  How do I do that?  Cleaning.  I've been cleaning almost every day, timing myself, putting "money" in my Gaming bank.  When I'm gaming, I'm withdrawing the "money" with the amount of time I game.  We'll see how long this lasts.

As far as my knitting goes. . I had a little disaster, but I'll have to use that as my cliffhanger for next time ;P