Monday, June 25, 2012

The Disaster

 A while back I started on the Pogona Shawl By Stephen West. It's been going well, almost mindless knitting, almost. I hadn't worked on it in a while and when I picked it up again I had forgotten how to do the M1 stitches. For the non-knitters out there, M1 means "make one". I realized a row too late that I had done them backwards. Again, for the non-knitters, there are several ways to make new stitches, the m1 I was doing caused the new stitch to lean a specific direction. Since the Pogona is several triangles, the m1's lean away from each other, making the triangle bigger. So I did the wrong side row, when I got to the messed up m1 stitches, I figured out how to undo them and redo them. This shawl has gotten so big that it takes almost an hour to finish a row, so I didn't want to tink (that's to knit backwards to undo my work, also, it's the word knit spelled backwards. . Yup, knitters are crafty) the whole row just to fix two stitches. After I fixed the stitches, I continued on, until I discovered that many many rows down, I'd YO-ed. As in I added an extra stitch by yarning over, leaving a HOLE in my work.

 And by many many rows down I mean almost 18 hrs, that's
 e i g h t e e n  h o u r s
 of work to undo and redo. AHHHHCK. I'm SOO pissed! It's just a little hole but it looks so BIG to me. Several knitting peeps all said that nobody will notice it. As the saying goes amung my knitting friends "if a Hun on a horse rides by and can't see the mistake, then it's not a mistake", others called it a design feature. I call it a hole. And I know that a non knitter wouldn't notice it, but I'm making this for me. I don't want to get it done and then regret not going back and undoing that stitch. So for now, it's going to hibernate, and I'll work on something else. Sometime before fall I'll pull it back out, fix it, and in November I'll have the most awesomest shawl the Manhattanites have ever seen.

As for the something else, I did get a good start on a previous months unfinished socks:

I'm also getting ready to swatch for the Endpaper Mitts in these colors: