Friday, June 8, 2012

Afternoon coffee break

I'm currently sitting in the sunshine with a great cup of coffee finishing up the first sock for June.  Really really like how this pattern panned out.  Nice looking lace that looks more complicated then it really is.  The yarn is Knit Picks Stroll Hand painted Sock yarn in Cartoons.  The pattern did a good job at breaking up the colors so that it didn't pool.

I'm looking forward to having time this month to work on previous months socks.  For instance, I have training for work on Monday so tonight I'm going to start up the toe from my April socks.  So that during the hour long car ride to and from training, I'll have an easy sock pattern to work on.  So here's a picture of all the socks so far this year:

As far as my physical health, I took the last of my antibiotics yesterday.  I still have an open wound but the fluids are clear and I'm in no pain.  Three days after the surgery, I had a training class for work.  That meant that I had to sit on a metal folding chair for about 8 hours.  With in the first hour I was uncomfortable so some of my class mates found me a fabric lawn chair to sit on.  Much better.  Other then that, I haven't had any pain.

I have also been knitting away on a toy rabbit, A boy's bunny.  It's by the same artist as the bear I made (but have yet to stuff and sew together).  While knitting, I've been reading the earliest blog entries on his blog.  Mad Man Knitting.  Reading about how he has suffered brought back memories when becoming homeless seemed very very real to me and my husband.  My mom had to pay our rent for two months in a row.  It was a very dark and worry some time for us and I'm glad that we're on our way out of the hole we fell into.  It's so easy to fall and so hard to climb back out.  But this man, wow he's amazing.  I really want to buy one of his bears, I have a friend who is panda crazy.  However I can't really afford it right now.  So to help him out, I'm blogging about him.  Spreading the word, free advertizing, what ever you want to call it. So if you can help him out by doing the same as me, or buying a pattern from him, or even a bear, please do so.  And Gregory, if you're reading this "Hi, much love from Kansas!"