Sunday, May 20, 2012


So I started and finished the first sock for May by May 5th.  So I took a Hiatus from sock knitting.  I probably shouldn’t have, I probably should have worked on a previous months UFO (like February’s socks) but I didn’t because I’m cool like that.  Instead, I started on Pogona by Stephen West.   I'd been lusting over this pattern for a while, then I went to Twist in Wichita Ks and picked up this amazing yarn that screamed 'stockinette' at me. I needed to make something that would show off it's amazingness.   And by amazingness I mean, drape and sheen.  The yarn, Cascade Yarns Heritage Silk Paints, in a beautiful shade of green(s) is a soft Merino/silk blend.  When I finished the first section of it I took this picture.

Now I’m on the third section and it feels amazing.  This yarn has just the right amount of silk to make this project . . . yummie.  I can’t wait to wear this shawl in the fall.