Sunday, May 20, 2012

Busy Lady

In my last post I mentioned that I had been a bit busy lately.  The grocery store I work for decided we needed a brand new store, not just a remodel.  So, over a year go, Kroger bought the land that was literally, across from our parking lot, and started to build.  Over this past winter I got to witness the building of my new store, help train new employees, and meet all the big important people from our main offices.  Six weeks ago, Kroger officially retired store #46 and moved all the employees to the new store, store #94.  I am the Customer Service Assistant Manager, but the new store opening left me feeling kinda small and unimportant and way overstressed for being a little Kroger “pawn”.  Now that we’ve been open a while (and all the corporate people have gone home), I feel like this is my store now.  That I can make changes happen, I can make decisions about how and when we do things.  Feels good to have that since of “assistant manager” again, to be a Rook instead of the pawn.

 I’ve also been involved in politics more than I have ever been.  I got involved in a feminist group at the college and then Marched in a protest demonstration called “take back the night”.  It was pretty awesome and empowering.  The point, for me, was to show that I was not going to allow anyone to “put me in my place” anymore.  That I will dress the way I want to dress and say what I want to say and not care if that makes a man feel threatened, so much so that he decides to treat me differently then he would anyone else.  I refuse to feel weak or scared when walking to my car at night.  I refuse to be put down because I have breasts.  And I now, refuse to let my government make decisions about my sexual health.  But that’s a whole other can of worms.  So all I’ll say about that is, Samuel Dale Brownback, if you are reading this; I didn’t vote for you before, I won’t be voting for you this go around, and I WILL do my best to make sure others are not voting for you either.  Grow a vagina, then you can have an opinion.  Oh and p.s. my taxes are not paying you so that you can sign bills without reading them.
Knitters! Want to help promote Women’s reproductive rights?  Knit this uterus and mail it to your state reps, governors, and maybe your insurance company (mine doesn’t cover birth control, I have to pay for it out of pocket).