Sunday, May 27, 2012

May's socks are almost done so last night I started swatching for June's socks.  With Rainbow variegated yarn (Knit Picks Hand painted Stroll in Cartoons) I'm going to do these:

Simple Summer Socks

I've been multitasking as I swatch.  I've been reading and knitting, that's a first for me.  I've watched T.V. and knitted at the same time but never read and knit at the same time.  The book was written by a fellow knitter and blogger, Gregory Patrick, who wrote the book Mad Man Knitting or The Waiter and the Fly.  Though I haven't finished the book yet (or the sock), he's had a pretty interesting life.  There is a part in it where he talks about a cardigan he made and what happened to it, made me tear up.  I just found a lot of myself in his words whether he's talking about knitting or life so. . . all knitters should read it.  Then buy his patterns.  Then make his patterns and send him pictures of your completed product. . . . cause he loves that.

The Teddy Bear that Saved Me and A Boy's Bunny