Friday, January 6, 2012

Knitting in an Asteroid field

One of the many skills I had to learn in order to be the wife of a Lego fanatic was proper sticker placement.  I kinda already had this skill mastered due to my history with scrapbooking but, Legos are a bit different.  So the other night, between stickers, I worked on January’s socks.  I’m on sock number two.  I will not stress out over this sock until the 15th.  Why? ‘Cause I started this pair of socks on Dec 18th and I WILL FINISH THEM in less than a month!  I will start swatching for February’s socks soon. . . I will darn it!
But here are some pictures of the progress we’ve made
Sock number one just before I finished up the toe.
Millennium Falcon takes shape.

Luke and Vader battle my knitting needles in an alternate time vortex where they are on the same side.

Vader wanted a picture showing his "kill" &  Luke photo-bombed it.  Go Luke!