Sunday, January 22, 2012

January/February Sock Progress

I've been quiet, I know. . .  Niece's 6th birthday party + Nasty cold + busy at work = no blogging.  My bad. But! I have come with good news!!!  


I finished them Jan 18th.  Ok, the ends are not sewn in yet and they haven't been blocked or photographed.  BUT the knitting is totally done.  Hubbiekins is happy to have a pair of kind-of-well-fitting socks for his weird feet.  Once I do have the finishing work done, I'll post pictures of the happy hubby wearing them.  
In the meantime, I started the February socks.  I'm glad I've started on them so early, there are a few things that make me feel a bit nervous about finishing them on time.  
1) it's a lace pattern 
2) they are on size ZERO needles, I've never used needles that small 
3) February is a shorter month (even though it's a leap year) 
4) I've been summed for Jury duty, Feb 23-May 23.  
Not sure if I should really worry about that last one.  I mean, I can knit while I wait at the court house, right?