Monday, January 2, 2012

Negative Ease

So far I have made two pairs of socks using the book Sensational Knitted Socks.  I learned a lot of things while making that first pair.  Other then how to knit a sock, I learned about negative and positive ease and how/when to use one or the other.  The first pair of socks turned out to big.  I did all the things the book told me to do, I swear I did.  I measured my foot, swatched in the round several inches to get gauge, I even tried them on as they were being made.  But I decided that all was well, they would shrink in the wash.  Um, Hello? Earth to Sarah, you used SUPERWASH wool.  Key word here is SUPERWASH.  That ain't gunna shrink hunny bunny.  So now I have a pair of socks that I usually wear doubled up with store bought socks during the winter.  Nice, comfy, hand knit, and toasty warm.  These socks were made with a bit of positive ease.  The fabric covers the wearer but doesn't stretch, there is room to spare.
The second pair I made, I wised up.  I measured my foot again, this time subtracting a whole inch from the circumference of my foot so that the sock would be snug, the fabric would have to stretch.  These socks fit nicely.  These socks have negative ease.
January's socks have a good amount of negative ease and so far (he's had to try them on like three times already just today) they fit well.  I'll finish the toe up tonight and start on the second sock!  For tomorrow, I'm thinking Lord of the Rings marathon and I'll have the cuff and most of the leg of sock # 2 done.  YAY!!!