Monday, January 21, 2013

Twenty Days Yarn Free

Hi, My name is Sarah Smith and I have gone 20 days without purchasing any yarn.

I had to skip the Winter Wool Fest and I have not gone into the local yarn store (even though I really need a nice button).  I even passed up going into Hobby Lobby.  *sigh*  

I have been going through the yarn in my stash and finding projects on Ravelry that I could do.  I've been going to the patterns page and then narrowing down the search by yarn weight and yardage that I have on hand.  So far I have three projects in mind.  Each project is a large time consuming project.  Each will take a month or more to finish.  PLUS I have those UFO's to work on still.  

So Right now I'm working on The Springtime Bandit.  Using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes that was given to me by a friend over Christmas.  I have/had 5 skeins of it and hopefully when I finish my Bandit, I'll have one or less :)

As far as my UFO's have gone, I pulled out my Pogona shawl and started tinking.  I want to undo a few rows then I'll knit up the last two rows and will hopefully have enough yarn to bind off.  Keeping my fingers cross.

Well, I hope everyone's new year has been going well.  I promise some pictures next time!