Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Knitting in the New Year

Artist: Mansha Friedrich Photo by Julian Stratenschulte of Getty Images

Happy New Year Everyone! 

No better way to bring in the New year then with knitting needles in your hands!  I found this photo at Los Angeles Times Photography.  It is from 2011 but I found it to be the best New Year's photo google had to offer.  The Artist pictured is Mansha Friedrich of Hanover Germany.  I do not know how to read (or speak) German but she appears to be a known Artist who creates large works of art using fiber, called Urban Knitting, very similar to what I call Yarn bombing but on a larger and more artistic scale.  All I can say about that is. . . YOU GO GIRL!  And Mansha, if you get to read this: Hello From Kansas, USA!

Well, we've been in to 2013 for almost 12 hours now. . .and I haven't bought any yarn.  Phew, doing good so far.  I kinda of panicked the other day, what if I NEEDED more dishcloth cotton?  *rolls eyes*  I can do this.  I will do this.  I NEED to do this.

I am writing this from a coffee shop.  They are having a "Hangover Brunch" and asked my husband to provide some live music.  Though I am not hungover (I didn't drink at all last night), drinking coffee and listening to him play is a great way to spend my first day of 2013.  Hope everyone else has  something lovely to enjoy today!