Sunday, March 6, 2011

Applying the new rule

Written January 26, 2011
Applying the new rule
I’m almost finished with the first half of the shawl.  I have the pattern memorized so well that I’m not really interested in it anymore.  *sigh* I really want to finish it though; lately during KIP many people have stopped to tell me that it’s beautiful.  So I can’t wait to actually wear it.  I have this feeling though, that when my KnitPicks stuff comes in I won’t be so eager to finish it.  A pattern book is on its way as well as some yarn.  Oh to start a new project yet again!  I did decide that sewing ends in is nice when on a road trip.  Ball band dishclothe's ends are for road trips.  Plus I kind of like having a crap-ton of finished items all at once.  That’s what happened when my DH and I drove home for Christmas.  Five hours of sewing in ends of dishcloths and we were at my parents house.  Then another hour of sewing in ends and we were at my in-law’s house.  I did Sudoku on the six hour drive back home.  Keeping that in mind, I am making a clause to my new rule.  If it’s a just sewing in ends then it can wait for a road trip.  If I have to actually finish knitting parts or sewing parts together then that doesn’t count.  I have to finish one of those projects before I start on another!
I did do some cleaning; however the forgotten WIP drawer did not get cleaned out.  I feel too attached to these ugly handmade things to just throw them out.  I did find a baby hat I made when I was learning to do circular stuff.  So that is going to my friend and fellow employee who had her baby last night.  Good thing she had a boy cause the hat is an autumn orange kind of color.  I also found a newborn onesie that I had originally bought for my sister.  My niece is now five years old.  When I got the onesie, my mom told me that it looked to little boy for my niece so I kept it, waiting for someone to have a boy. 
Well, I could go on about the amazingness of doing laundry and waiting for that load to dry so I can put on some pants but. . .I won’t.  I’ll keep today’s message short.  Besides, I have a dishcloth to finish today.